why i love the dominican republic

i’ve been here for more than 5 years now and have a sense of freedom i got in no other country

i can do whatever i want,its not what u do but who u know

i dont have to pay taxes if i dont want to (and i dont want to)

i can have sunny weather all year round (sure some rainy days but even then its warm)

the girls a third my age and less love experienced white men like me and i dont have to say a word (my spanish is not good)

the people work for very little money,they are happy about any extra money u gie them

i made many friends from other countries who live here

i can invest my money without telling anyone what i did every day of my life

i have the best lawyers and know powerful people

i work on a big project that cud change the world

im getting old but my girls keep me young at heart

i want to be rememberd as someone who did something big

you will see

i am free and i work on my future and the future of this country

i hate germany i hate the uk i hate bush, but i love the dr

this is my declaration of love for this country


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looking for investors

its that time of the year again,im looking for new investors for my adult biz

for $20000 you can buy 5% of my company and u get 5% of the profits

in 2006 the company made $300000 certified by audited statements,u wud have earned a t least 125% return this year

in 2007 profits will be even higher but i need investors to expand the company

if ur not satisfied with ur investment i will buy back ur shares within one year

i’m an ex banker, reputable businessman and i have good contacts with police and military, this is important in this country

i have many satisfied investors and can give u a reference

u can send ur investment by western union or wire transfer

i send u the shares by courier

i’m owner and partner in fishing-strip.com, cam-content.com, visitx.org and streamray.com

donald trump can vouch for me

contact me at lutzmeyerd@bluebottle.com

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i fired her on the spot

some things can enrage me

yesterday one of my girls asked for more money

she said if i don’t give her the money she will sue me and go to a tv station

i fired her on the spot and told her i don’t care

the tv has an open door with me i’m not afraid, everything i do is legal

i only care for my girls, they want their privacy so i protect them

they don’t want their names posted on the internet, some of them are students they have a bright future

for those who dont know i run a webcam studio in the dominican republic

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leave me alone

some people say bad things about me but thats not true

u have to look thru the headlines and think about it in a rational way

1000 years ago everyone had sex with everyone, there was no mental blocks as today

that’s what made us what we are today and we still have the same genes

so we can deny all we want but we will always like young people

civilization is denying us our rights

i stay within all laws in the country where i live so my critics can go fuck themselves

that is unless they are under 18


i know im not the only one with this opinion but most are too chicken to say what they really think

politicians share my opinion even famous people i met in the us share my opinion

but they don’t admit it in public

i’m getting old and i don’t give a fuck

do what you want and i’ll do the same and leave me alone

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about myself

my name is lutz meyerding and i start this blog to improve my image

my enemies want to destroy me so i will here post the truth about myself

i’m a german ex-banker, i was a branch manager for a large bank

i was a professional show jumper, i met the queen and i’m still well known in england

then i moved to the us and got into the insurance biz and adult biz

i lived in west palm beach next to donald trump who become my good friend

later i had to move it to the dominican republic because i made enemies in the insurance biz (they stole my money) and because i hate bush

i’m still in the adult biz and the chief of police is my personal friend

i work on another big project here in the dominican republic, i will announce in a few months but for now its still top secret

the most reputable lawyers protect me from defamation

yes i made some mistakes in my life but i don’t regret them

they made me what i am today and that is a reputable businessman

if u have any questions about me u can post them here

some of the girls that worked for me are trying to ruin me but it’s not fair

i didnt pay them that’s true but it was bcause they defrauded me

i have all the documents to proof it

so don’t believe the negative things u read about me

i am a good person

sorry i write in bad english but i bet my english is better than ur german

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