want to earn money in a reputable investment?

my girls and i spent a great weekend celebrating h’s birthday

now i need some money

so i sell 5% of my company

for only $20000 u can buy 5% of my webcamstudio company and u get 5% of the profits forever

in 2006 i made $300000 certified by audited statements

in 2007 profits are gonna be even bigger

but i need some investors to improve the company

investors like u

just think,5% of $300000 is $15000

u invest $20000 and get at least $15000 a year tax free

its a win-win investment

and if u come down here i introduce u to the girls,no charge

for those who dont know me my name is lutz meyerding ive been in this biz for many years

originally i was a reputable german banker

now im a respectible businessman

i have good contacts in the police and military,which is important in this country (dominican republic)

i have many satisfied investors and will give u a reference

send ur investment now either by western union or wire transfer

send 4 transfers $5000 each to:

lutz meyerding
santo domingo
dominican republic

after that email me at lutzmeyerd@bluebottle.com with the mtcn (transfer number) and let me know how u want ur profits

i’m the owner and partner in fishing-strip.com, cam-content.com, visitx.org, streamray.com and others

ur satisfaction is guaranteed

donald trump can vouch for me,he was my neighbor in west palm beach and still calls me twice a year for advice

but i left the us because i hate bush

my lawyers biaggi & messina are the best in the dominican republic,they protect me from defamation and will give u a reference as well

if u want to send a wire transfer email me for details

invest now and cash in on the adult boom


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  1. 1

    Fiona Lewis said,

    Er Lutz…You got thrown out of the USA and you were never a ‘reputable’ banker, love the fact you left out you’ve done time in the UK.

    Do not touch this ‘reputable business man’ with a 10ft barge pole!

  2. 2

    Jeffrey hensley said,

    Speak to me about webcam modeling in DR. Thereof is it legal to have a studio.?

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