stupid comment

somebody wrote on a comment:

Lutz Meyerding, YOU are just retarded.
People have the genes to go to the bathroom too. do they do it all over the place like animals or do they act like humans and wait to use a bathroom?
To say that “Just since we have the urge makes it ok” makes you an idiot to the highest degree. If you had the urge to kill people would you do it or would you even consider restraint?
Oh wait, I forgot, you’re German. I guess that answers my question right there.

what an idiot

to tell u the truth i am actually half russian

it was a big secret in my family but everyone is dead and i dont care anymore

i lived in the uk and us and other countries

what does it have to do with germany


sure my german stepfather was in nazi party but so were most germans

and i support hitler but so do about 25% of germans

so u cant hold that against me

many bad germans went to the ussa and now think they are americans and are doing stupid things and taking away freedoms and think they are helping children when they really just enslafe them

its ridiculous

The world has gone crazy in the sence that SOME people think its OK for a 12 year old girl to engage in this kind of activity at all. For a 12 year old to be all over the internet in sexually suggestive clothing is 100% without question unacceptable. Its only on there for perverts like you to get a hard on.

sounds like u r a loser and need some good spanking

orwell wud love ur reasoning.

if no harm is done who cares?

if i make a painting of a girl and get a hard on, who cares? if i imagine such a girl, who cares? if such a girl doesnt even exist, who cares?

no harm done.

if she was forced to take the foto then its bad but if she doesnt even exist who cares?

my thougts will always be free

i don’t care what u think


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