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why i love the dominican republic

i’ve been here for more than 5 years now and have a sense of freedom i got in no other country

i can do whatever i want,its not what u do but who u know

i dont have to pay taxes if i dont want to (and i dont want to)

i can have sunny weather all year round (sure some rainy days but even then its warm)

the girls a third my age and less love experienced white men like me and i dont have to say a word (my spanish is not good)

the people work for very little money,they are happy about any extra money u gie them

i made many friends from other countries who live here

i can invest my money without telling anyone what i did every day of my life

i have the best lawyers and know powerful people

i work on a big project that cud change the world

im getting old but my girls keep me young at heart

i want to be rememberd as someone who did something big

you will see

i am free and i work on my future and the future of this country

i hate germany i hate the uk i hate bush, but i love the dr

this is my declaration of love for this country


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looking for investors

its that time of the year again,im looking for new investors for my adult biz

for $20000 you can buy 5% of my company and u get 5% of the profits

in 2006 the company made $300000 certified by audited statements,u wud have earned a t least 125% return this year

in 2007 profits will be even higher but i need investors to expand the company

if ur not satisfied with ur investment i will buy back ur shares within one year

i’m an ex banker, reputable businessman and i have good contacts with police and military, this is important in this country

i have many satisfied investors and can give u a reference

u can send ur investment by western union or wire transfer

i send u the shares by courier

i’m owner and partner in,, and

donald trump can vouch for me

contact me at

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