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about myself

my name is lutz meyerding and i start this blog to improve my image

my enemies want to destroy me so i will here post the truth about myself

i’m a german ex-banker, i was a branch manager for a large bank

i was a professional show jumper, i met the queen and i’m still well known in england

then i moved to the us and got into the insurance biz and adult biz

i lived in west palm beach next to donald trump who become my good friend

later i had to move it to the dominican republic because i made enemies in the insurance biz (they stole my money) and because i hate bush

i’m still in the adult biz and the chief of police is my personal friend

i work on another big project here in the dominican republic, i will announce in a few months but for now its still top secret

the most reputable lawyers protect me from defamation

yes i made some mistakes in my life but i don’t regret them

they made me what i am today and that is a reputable businessman

if u have any questions about me u can post them here

some of the girls that worked for me are trying to ruin me but it’s not fair

i didnt pay them that’s true but it was bcause they defrauded me

i have all the documents to proof it

so don’t believe the negative things u read about me

i am a good person

sorry i write in bad english but i bet my english is better than ur german


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